Toronto authorities get double benefit from fighting traffic congestion

Liam Brooks, autokwix (website about truck & SUV mods)

Having got rid of car trials, the Canadian city earns on violators of parking rules up to C $ 100 million per year.
By addressing the problem of car trips, the municipal authority of the Canadian city not only revived city traffic, but also created a powerful source of income, giving the city budget 95-100 million

Recently published data of the City Hall of Toronto on the fight against parking violations. In 2017 (the full statistics for the 2018th are still being processed), the city police fined 2.1 million drivers.

More than half of violations are: parking on a prohibited day or time, parking on private property (left the car near the shop and went about his business), parking without permission to park on a particular street (often residents of areas where there are no garages in private houses, are given special permits to park at certain times of the day) and unpaid parking.

Next come parking for more than 3 hours, stopping during the ban, parking during peak hours, etc. The “heroes of the parking” declared war on the elected in 2014 Toronto mayor John Tory.

He said that one of the most significant causes of congestion is not the width of the streets and not the construction, but parked anywhere, how and when the vehicles hit. If during a rush hour one lane of two blocks a parked car, then you can continue to whine about traffic jams, or you can simply remove this car from the road. Then John Tori said he was ready to get behind the wheel of a tow truck, if it would help Toronto.

Soon the municipality tightened the penalties for violating parking rules. Here are just a few examples. On many streets parking is prohibited in the morning (from 6 to 10) and evening (from 15 to 19) rush hours. Penalty for violation – C $ 150. If the car is parked at rush hour on one of the main streets, then a tow truck will be called immediately.

The same will happen even faster if public transport is blocked. Then the owner, in addition to the fine, will be forced to pay for the work of a tow truck and parking services to which his car will be taken. The same C $ 150 fine is provided for blocking the lane for cyclists.